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FICTION — I have just finished narrating the audiobook of The Lake Pavilion by prolific writer Ann Bennett, a historical novel telling the stories of two women connected by damaging secrets from wartime England and British India in the 1930s. This was produced by Morrison Ellis and is now available on Audible.

In summer 2021, I narrated and produced the audiobook of When Darkness Falls, a psychological thriller by Kathleen Harryman, which is now on Audible. The story is set in York, England, and told from the point of view of a twisted and sadistic killer, also featuring a tight-knit group of female friends living in the town and fearing for their safety as the killings increase. The sequel, Darkness Rising, will follow in early 2022…

In 2020 I narrated and produced the audiobook of The Errant Hours, by author Kate Innes, a well-researched and fast-paced historical novel packed with period details that take your imagination back to medieval times in the Welsh borders of England. It tells the story of a young girl who is left in charge of a rare and valuable book, and her struggle to seek protection for herself and it, in a male-dominated and often violent world. Available on Audible, where it has been getting five-star reviews.

NON-FICTION – I recently narrated and produced the audiobook of The Healing Power of Crystals:  How to use crystals to better your life by Christina Elis, which is available on Audible. This is a well-considered introduction to the potential soothing effects of different crystals or stones in our busy and stressful lives, with a focus on colours, meditation and listening to your own intuition, while acknowledging the importance of belief for such methods to work, and on the value of modern medicine when serious ailments require medical attention.

I have also completed an audiobook at the more scientific end of the healing journey, The Drug Discovery and Development Cycle: A concise overview of the key steps from concept to launch by senior bioanalytical scientist Kabir Hussain, which is available on Audible. At a time when new and important vaccines have been developed to cope with the Covid-19 crisis, this book gives an overview of what happens in the development process of a new drug, from the stage of identifying a disease to treat, through trials, regulatory approval, packaging and marketing, and on to sale and beyond.


I have delivered audio for a range of corporate clients, including the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung highlighting workers’ conditions building infrastructure for the Qatar World Cup; the Starmind artificial intelligence training programme for Deloitte; the NobleProg remote working software (clip below); an e-learning project on GDPR; and the Doctorlink medical appointment booking app.


I voiced the part of a long-buried south London garden, created in the 17th century by John Evelyn, which is indignant at being dug over by property developers, for playwrite Jack Lowerson’s radio play London’s Lost Garden:

I also played the whimsical and dreamy character of Trish in radio play Madness Took Me by Dave Bignell, which is available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes.


I voiced Dina Kimovna, a woman from the little-known Evenki indigenous group in Siberia, for the Maria audio documentary by Irene Carter. This was commissioned by the Institute of Contemporary Arts’ New Creatives programme, supported by BBC Arts and the Arts Council, and is now available on BBC 6 Music’s  Introducing Arts programme hosted by Gemma Cairney. The audio documentary examines the  life of social anthropologist and professor Maria Czaplicka.

For a Royal College of Art-led virtual reality game, The Soloist, I played AI-style narrator, Suzanne. The project explored the topic of introversion and a young person’s struggle to persuade themselves to get out and mix with others. Watch a short clip here.

I voiced the audio version of the Richmond First World War Stories project, including VocalEyes audio descriptions of paintings by illustrator Chris King, displayed at Orleans House Gallery in Twickenham.

Do get in touch and I look forward to the opportunity to help bring your story to life!